Woman With Huge Stick At The Coke Ovens

High Weirdness


JULY 2017

If you’ve been out here you know that the closest town around here is a couple miles away and even then, the towns are small. One day my friends and I were out here goofing around by the ovens. Out of no where there was an older woman who was wearing a long dress with weird patterns. She was holding a HUGE stick. She had long black hair. And was facing away from us. She had her arms spread and was chanting. She turned and pointed that stick directly at us and chanted more. Then she walked past my car and ran her fingers down the side of my car and then walked away. After we couldn’t see her we ran to my car to leave and saw her finger prints in the dirt on my car. We drove to Columbia and didn’t see her at all. Then we turned around and went to East Carbon and still never saw her again. We 100% should have been able to because it’s just a desert out there. No big trees or grass or anything to be hidden by. And there’s no way she could have made it to either of the towns before us as it’s uphill for miles on either direction. And no one is walking out in the desert in the middle of summer. It’s well over 100 degrees. It was super freaky.

Submitted by AA