Thin Spot

High Weirdness, Thin Places



It was only a few weeks ago when this strange event happened. I was with my best friend visiting a family friend who was currently in town. Very close to their house was a forest of bushy pine trees, my friend and I decided we wanted to go to the forest to explore for a bit. On the way there my friend was drinking out of a glass bottle that made a humming sound when blown into. We found a park on the way and left the bottle there. We arrived at the forest, found some fairy circles, picked up dead plants, and suddenly I walked past this rock that seemed to catch my attention. I walked past with a strange sense it was pulling me towards it. I turned around to the spot and walked in that direction. my friend and I both started to feel a strange pulling feeling in separate directions. We both being interested in spiritual meanings decided to look around in the places we felt connected to, we found nothing interesting sadly. We realized it was getting late so we headed back. On the way out of the forest was a deep gutter-like thing with mud and water inside making it unable to cross easily. We kept walking along searching for a way out when suddenly we heard the humming noise from the bottle my friend was drinking out of…the one we left at the park. it got louder and louder until we found a way to cross. as soon as we did, it stopped.

Submitted by Charlie S