Ghost-squatch and More



MAY 2015

This story stretches 4 years living in Edmond, OK. I have a couple of science degrees, but I am a spiritual agnostic and have had many supernatural experiences, but this one is just weird. I moved to Oklahoma in late 2012 to a house that is on a large wooded lot in a hilly, sloping neighborhood. The house my boyfriend and I moved into was built in 1982. It was a very modern single level. It had a vaulted ceiling in the living room. In May, 2014, I went to California for a couple of weeks and came home mid-day. That night, at 3 am, I got up to get a drink of water and some tums for my heartburn. I was wide awake and hyper alert. There was a window in the kitchen corner, where I was getting the tums from, that looked into our courtyard. I kept looking out the window expecting to see something. I had the creeps, but also told myself to knock it off. It was so weird, that I was singing and talking to myself in the kitchen. The only light I had was from the ice dispenser in the refrigerator door. It was enough, but added to the overall freaky feeling. I was wide awake at that point because of the little boost of adrenaline from the creepies. I didn’t want to succumb to my silly fears and buried them. I walked back to the bedroom. Before I got to the door, something made me look down the hall into the living room and the light was partially blocked by something. There should have been light from the streetlight coming from the front facing window to the left in the living room. I stood there trying to make it out. From the top of the ceiling in the hallway, which transitions into the living room, which has a 20 foot vaulted ceiling with two skylights, I saw an outline of a figure. There was light from behind it, but it was so big, it blocked most of it. It was strange because the shoulder was just below the ceiling of the hallway. I stood there trying to figure out what I was looking at. From the point where I was standing to the end of the hallway was about 25 feet. It was just so oddly dark when it shouldn’t have been. Then, I realized the shoulder was moving slightly down and a head shape appeared. Two glowing red eyes looked at me. Not like flashlights or glowing eyes of a Halloween decoration. A dull red, not very bright. I am pretty sure I audibly gasped when I saw the red eyes. “GO.” “Go to bed”. Those were my thoughts piercing through the fear and the disbelief. I was on autopilot and went into the room and shut my door. I then did the most ridiculous thing. I took the full clothes hamper and put it against the door. I think about that now as the dumbest action. I laid in bed and stared at the door. Thoughts kept going through my mind. There is no way that was real. “But I’m wide awake!” I thought to myself. I thought to go check again, but I couldn’t move. I didn’t hear any noises. Nothing. I laid there an hour thinking and listening. There was nothing. At some point, I realized my boyfriend’s annoying cat never greeted me and begged for attention when I got up. I thought over and over what I saw. A large shouldered “man/gorilla” that dipped its head down with red eyes looking at me. He was slow and meticulous in movement. And quiet. It was like it stood still to hide and looked at me because it noticed I was looking at it. But he seemed ghost-like. Not see-through. He was solid enough to block the light. Like light and sound was blocked. It was surreal and my mind couldn’t grasp at it. It had broad shoulders, so broad, it could have blocked the whole hallway, but it was half leaning over into the living room. No neck. Shoulder and head melded together. It kind of dipped a foot for me to see it’s red eyes glow.

When it did that, my brain denied, denied, denied. I kept going over the facts. I don’t know how, but I fell asleep. I made a conscious decision that it was a Sasquatch, but denied it’s reality immediately. At the time I would watch weekly episodes of Finding Bigfoot just for the comedy. I truly believe that there is a possible living Hominin that is a direct descendant of Gigantopithecus out there. They are so evolutionarily in line with nature and are intelligent enough to study and know humans and to stay away. In my mind, there is more than enough evidence to justify them. A physical specimen just isn’t needed and it is ethically wrong for science to want one to prove their existence and shun all other evidence. I believe they need to be respected and left mostly alone. I just didn’t expect one to be in my living room. In the morning, I awoke after 10am. This is very late for me. I remembered what happened! My boyfriend wasn’t in bed, but I heard his usual movement and the tv and thought, there isn’t a physical bigfoot in the house. I went out of my room and looked around the house. No sign of anything. Maybe a ghost? I believe in ghosts; have seen them. I had to think for a moment of the possibility of a Sasquatch ghost and thought, sure, why not? This is an odd house and we had only been living there for a few months and new to the state. I also had an experience as soon as we moved in with a Comanche man spirit I called Naked Legs. He was older, wrinkled and wearing nothing but a loin cloth. I am very open to that stuff. But, that wasn’t my Comanche friend who liked to rummage through my boyfriend’s toiletries on his sink counter at night (honestly, that only happened once). I told my boyfriend what happened. He knew by that time what he was getting with me. He was strongly agnostic, but I think I entertained him a bit, so he tolerated me. Believing we now had a ghost squatch, I broke out the sage first thing before coffee and opened all of the doors and asked this spirit to leave. I did some research that day. I went to the BFRO website and looked for sightings in Oklahoma. I found this report… . When that area was more wild and just being developed in 1982, a teenage boy walking home from work saw a young Sasquatch playing in the snow in the Spring Creek ditch, which borders my neighborhood. Basically, my neighborhood was being built at that time. BINGO! I had proof that they probably wandered the area before it was built up and it could have been a Sasquatch spirit! (Please do not wander this neighborhood. We no longer live there. Go to Arcadia lake and wander around there, which has a part in this story) That afternoon, we bar-b-qued and ate out on the back concrete slab. As we sat to eat, my dog, a doofy and very quiet young basset hound came out to join us and immediately started barking at a corner next to the back door. This house has lots of weird angles and this corner had one wall that looks into the kitchen and the other wall was the back door into the dining room. Nothing was there. I couldn’t see anything. It was like my dog suddenly noticed something, was looking up, had hackles raised, and was growing and barking uncontrollably. I had recuperated and came to terms with what happened the night before, and then this happened. The boyfriend, who was just humoring me, now took me a little more seriously. The dog only barked like this one other time and that was a few years later. But I saw nothing. I got the sage and cleansed the yard. Never had a problem again. I didn’t think about it again for a couple of years. I still watched every episode of Finding Bigfoot (which really was comedy gold). But a lot of life happened and we worked. We did go for walks at Arcadia lake and it was a “squatchy” area, but only in the fall and winter. Oklahoma is an odd place to live. No one goes outside. The people you see hiking or mountain biking are always from somewhere else. The lake path was almost always empty. And we often went during off season when there were nice days in the fall and winter.

One of those walks was on a crisp March weekend just after the last snow melted. It was still cold. I saw a small, child sized footprint in the sandy soil on the walking path going perpendicular to the path like someone was walking from a wooded area across the path to a wooded area. Near the footprint was a clean, freshly striped deer bone. It had no teeth marks and a waxy texture. Who is out there with little kids walking barefoot through the trees? Another walk we took one day on the northside of spring creek at the lake, I felt that familiar uneasy feeling. There is a location on the corner of the park land where there is an old abandoned home that was donated with the property to the city for the lake. The trees in the area are a lot of post oaks and eastern cedars. As we walked past that old house, we kind of looked around it, but didn’t go in. We got back on the path and a very large, dense eastern cedar tree shook violently like it was alive. We walked faster. Okay, jump forward maybe a couple of years. I think mid 2015. I pushed the memory of Ghost-squatch away. I was watching random Youtube videos and came across Ontario Sasquatch. At first I was like, portal jumping beings? Bullshit. A normal hominin species? Yes. But trans-dimensional beings? No. Then he talked about the Sasquatch being in the house and things moving around. BOOM! Connection. WTF? NOOOOOO! It couldn’t be? I did a YouTube crawl and found more videos talking about how Sasquatch popped in and out of existence and were often accompanied by strange lights (which I never saw). Even two years later, I am positive, there was a squatch in my house. Being the curious scientist, I went and got a step ladder and a measuring tape. This is two years later, mind you! So, I thought, It’s shoulders were at the top of the ceiling cutoff to the hallway. There is a large awkward step down into the living room that is a solid 12 inches. Bad design. I measure from the floor in the living room, up to the top of the hallway then up higher to where the top of the head might have hit. 10.5 feet. WTF? So, now I am shifting into the Woo-Woo. I let myself think about this possibility. Is Sasquatch a trans-dimensional species? Can they cloak themselves? And I thought about the incident. I couldn’t explain it away. I was wide awake. My eyes were adjusted to the low light. If it isn’t nothing, then it has to be something. Also,I had the realization that it “glamered” me. Like a vampire from a dime store novel. I was told to go to bed. My dog saw it and raised holy hell. My boyfriend and I were standing right there. Couldn’t see it, smell it, feel it. Nothing. But the dog knew. The cat hid all day. I allowed myself to go down that rabbit hole. It’s dark in there. I thought a lot about, “why me?” People in my neighborhood don’t go out much. People stay in their homes. Too many mosquitoes and bugs and occasionally snakes. Oh, and also big spiders. My hairy boyfriend was a naturalist and liked sunbathing in the yard, au natural. That’s a draw to another hairy naked ape. I would like to think it was my sensitivity, or the watching sasquatch tv often that drew them to me. But it was probably how odd it was to see a naked human outside. The chick who can sense things was just a bonus. I did tell two family members. They like to ride the Woo-Woo bus, but I am still unsure of what they really thought about my experience. It was really out there. In 2016, it wasn’t working out with my partner. Except for the distraction of the Sasquatch weirdness, I didn’t like Oklahoma either. So, I moved. It has been almost 5 years since I left. The ex moved on and married and sold that house. In my new state, I still walk in nature, but I just don’t feel that presence I felt in Oklahoma. I had lived in an odd pocket of energy. A very unique location that the locals don’t realize they are living in. In my new location, I haven’t seen any signs of Squatchy weirdness and have had no experiences. This gives me a little comfort. Because if it was all mental illusion and illness, I would have brought it with me. I have not gone back to Arcadia Lake. More development had happened around the area. In those few years, much of the wild areas have been built over. If I was a Sasquatch, I wouldn’t be hanging around anymore. But who knows?

Submitted by Just J