Maniacal Honking

High Weirdness, Strange Animals



I was with my friend sitting in my car, we parked at this reservoir that has a trail to walk on. We were talking in the car before going out when suddenly there was this loud wave of geese honking. We hear that often as they move from the reservoir to the school field a ways down. We kept talking about our lives and catching up when the honking started to sound like a mix of LAUGHING and loud honks. I stopped speaking and we looked at each other in confusion, it sounded as if there was a large human gathering going on so we looked out to see only a few geese. “Where are the rest of them? Shouldn’t we see more geese with all this noise?” I had chills all over my body, my friend had this look in her eyes like she felt something coming just looking at her face made my eyes start to tear up, I grabbed her hands. I thought I was tweaking. It turned to sounding like MANIAC laughing I legit expected a demon to emerge from a cloud of black. My sister tried rolling down the window to hear, my friend yelled No!! As if the sound getting to us may affect us. I felt mad that I was being messed with so I opened the door to look and hear (IDIOT), my friend and sister are yelling at me now WHY WOULD YOU dO ThAAttt!!? It just kept getting louder and louder. I thought it might be geese being hurt or fighting or mating sounds?? since I had never previously heard them sounding like that, I KNOW how geese honking sounds, and this wasn’t that. I tried finding a similar sound but could never find it. After that week, laughter had been common in my life, when I was sad I would feel the urge to laugh. Almost as if to mock the scenario. Gave me the creeps for a while. It definitely felt like some bad vibes. I assume looking back now that it was a physical manifestation of how I dismissed my emotions, laughed at myself even. allowing that “demon” (negative trait) to grow stronger. After I accepted myself that eerie spirit seemed to disappear in my life and I no longer feel tormented. Sometimes spooky things happen to reveal things to ourselves… to this day we wonder if anyone else heard anything like that.

Submitted by Ruby