Static Shrieks and Shadow Beings

Dark Forces, Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places

MARCH 4, 2021

I was lightly (but terrifyingly) charged by deep shadow shapes, shrieked at over an SB7 radio, and collected several EVPs in the tunnel of this dam. I found this local spot doing a quick google search of haunted hiking trails in my area, and then following up on any weird history the Dam has. Following up with yelp I got enough people saying there is (or isn’t) something there so I had to check it out myself. By the mouth of the tunnel, there is a big rock outcropping that resembles the profile of a Satan-like portrait. The tunnel itself is ominous and oppressive. I got about halfway into it before hitting a threshold (my body would not go further in). I wanted to try and get to the end of the tunnel, but my gut instinct was to not break whatever barrier it was that I was feeling. Ambient noise is strange, as there is a road on top of the dam that still gets traffic (so there is this faint cold wailing noise that is pretty present). There is some urban decay (kids graffiti/ trash) around the mouth of the tunnel but there is less and less stuff there the deeper the tunnel goes. Visual distortions/low light shadows are pretty heavy near the butt end of the tunnel as well. I strapped in for some time on my SB7 but couldn’t pick up any radio feed (there wasn’t any cell service in the tunnel either). I did pick up some heavy static shrieks though (they sound somewhat similar to the “cough” EVPs from recorded audio in there). It was enough to make me jump out of my skin a couple of times. In my notes, I wrote down that some of the shrieks were timed well against the questions I was asking, but I need to do a true Estes session in there to be sure. I pulled 3 Tarot Cards (3 of swords, Judgement, and the Fool), and recorded some audio. 2 of my audio files have EVP’s that sound like distant clicks or coughs. I don’t have any recollection of feeling a need to cough or sneeze during these recordings, and one of the anomalies seems like it is snickering at my voice (I was scared so my words get jumbled at one point). The audio is extra ominous as the intensity of the traffic roar fluctuates throughout the recordings. As I was putting my deck away the Knight of Cups dropped out, which also gave me jester/trickster feelings. After a certain point in my hanging out there, it was clear that it was time for me to leave. Once that feeling arose I couldn’t get out of there fast enough, but also wasn’t going to turn my back to the end of the tunnel, so I couldn’t turn and truly run. As I was quickly pacing backward toward the mouth of the tunnel my eye was caught by small, dense shadow shapes (more distinct than low light distortions) playfully gesticulated towards me. They advanced very quickly from the other end of the tunnel but did not get into my personal space. Once I stepped out of the tunnel it felt as if reality returned. This experience left me stirred and shaken! I had to take a few days to decompress before listening to the audio recordings. Whether or not there is a capital G ghost there, it is definitely an active liminal space full of strange juju. I can also provide the notes, pics, historical research, (which is ongoing) but want to keep this as concise as possible. (Have investigation notes/photos, some light historical research, pics of tarot pull inside the dam tunnel, 2 audio files with EVPs [would love fresh ears on them])

Submitted by Alexander J Fulop