Lost Spirit from Guadalupe

Straight Up Ghosts

MAY 26, 2010

I was working overnight as a security guard in my early 20s. While patrolling the parking lot at about 2 am, I stopped under a light post in the middle of the lot to check some paperwork. I was startled by a loud knock on my window, a dread of fear came over me as I’m eye to eye with this older woman asking me for help she was covered in ragged clothes, probably had about 5 coats on. I couldn’t make out what she was saying so I step out of my patrol vehicle & this woman grabs a hold of my arm with full strength asking me where Guadalupe is, it was a little town a couple of blocks away so I point in the direction for her to head down while trying to yank my arm from her grip. she let me go & I get right back into the vehicle & lock the door as she’s walking away I look down to find my phone Not even a minute later I look back to see where she was and she vanished, there was no way she was able to make the distance from me to the main road in that amount of time, I was in the middle of this empty lot. I believe she was a lost spirit from Guadalupe, there’s plenty of stories I’ve heard about that little town & I’ve definitely experienced one first hand.

Submitted by AJ Armenta