Creepy Cross

Cryptoids, High Weirdness, Mythologies, Strange Animals


OCTOBER 9, 2018

So my dad and I have this tradition of going up to Mt. Macedon Memorial Cross, which is basically a heavily wooded, cold drive up the mountain and brisk walk to this basically MASSIVE cross made for the Anzacs in the mid-1940s. This one time as we go up it’s 4; 16 pm on a weekday on 8 October 2019 which is mid-spring for us here, being up in cloud line it’s super foggy and eerie at certain times which isn’t unusual but this time it was different. As we’re walking up to the cross we see this tree moving weirdly behind it, it was pretty still that day not much wind, and yet this tree is shaking as if something is moving it, something very big. But then it stops and everything goes super quiet, we can’t hear any birds or animals like you usually do when you’re up there. just silence, as if it’s watching us. we had the most awful feeling of chills going up to our spine, not from the cold but from the feeling of being stared at. I and my dad turned around and basically jogged back to the car and didn’t look back as that feeling followed us until we left the area. still gives me the creeps.

Submitted by Lola