UFO Time Slip

Classic UFO, High Weirdness, Time Distortions



A friend and I were smoking cigarette’s on another friend’s back porch, on an overcast evening, after sunset, when suddenly I saw what appeared to be a large glowing orange sphere of light, seemingly composed physically of shifting translucent panels containing some sort of energy, moving though the low cloud cover and casting an orange light into the clouds around it. This object made no sound, and initially was moving far too slowly to be one of the many easily identified commercial craft in the area from the nearby airfields. I pointed the object out to my friend, who confirmed that he did indeed see the object. I then described what I saw to him, and he confirmed that this indeed matched what he had seen. We stood, almost transfixed in hindsight otherwise I would have tried to get a picture or even just alerted other people in the house, for what was probably only 45 seconds or so before the object suddenly and rapidly accelerated directly upwards, leaving a turbulent pocket of air and clouds behind it as it moved through them. We thought we’d been looking at it for ten minutes, but our cigarettes hadn’t burned down. We both had felt a sense of unease during the whole thing, not as if we were in any danger, but as if we’d seen something we simply could not explain no matter how hard we tried to rationalize it.

Submitted by Tony L