Large White Head

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts



As a child I was playing out in the gravel driveway when I looked up to see a large white head in the window of one of our barns. No matter how hard I try I can not remember what the face of this thing looked like. I ran inside and told my dad who then proceeded to grab his shot gun and look through all of our farm buildings only to find that no one was there. Later on I found out my little brother had also seen this strange head on a different occasion. As I grew older and began talking to my family I discovered that I wasn’t the only person who had strange things happen to them. When either my brother or I was little, as in a toddler or smaller, we would point at the corner of the living room and just cry. My dad said that when he was home alone he could occasionally hear the sound of children out side, our closest neighbor was about a mile away. My brother said that one night he woke up and felt really bad so he went to our parents room, while in there he looked back at his room and saw a glowing figure on his bed. My cousin was over for a birthday party and went upstairs to get a toy out of my bed room and said he saw a book fly across the room. My dad also said that the first night him and my mom stayed at the house all of their dogs went crazy and he saw a shadow of a man move across the building where the dogs were kept. One of the creepiest things my brother told me is on Christmas eve he heard footsteps coming up stairs but so no one there, he thought it was Santa?.

Submitted by Some Guy