Footsteps in Plano

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places


2019 (APPROX.)

We were in Downtown Plano walking on the sidewalk from 15th to 14th street, my husband was walking ahead of me, I stopped briefly to look at the window at the mason lodge, out of curiosity. I’m not sure what prompted me to stop and look. (maybe it was to get a look at the place in the daytime, we were there for a haunted tour once before but it was at night time, but we live nearby and see this place all the time. )There wasn’t anything notable about it just the set of stairs in a foyer. I turned and continued toward 14th, my husband got a little further ahead of me, I noticed heavy steps behind me like a large man was walking behind me at a faster pace and was gaining on me. I felt uncomfortable, and anxious. It’s a busy cute downtown area, it is very normal for many people to be walking around. I assumed this person was just rude and in a hurry so I quickened my pace a bit but the heavy steps continued and seemed to get closer. I got a bad feeling, not like” they wanna grab my purse ” but like “this person wants to hurt me” . (IDK)I didn’t want to let on that I was uncomfortable or scared , (good ole southern upbringing) so Without turning around, I called out to my husband. I hoped this man behind me would know I wasn’t alone, and maybe my husband would see this guy and how close he was . my husband stopped and waited and when I Caught up to him I finally (casually) turned around and there was no one there . my husband says no one was behind me the whole time . He says actually there was no one around the area at all.

Submitted by MD