Fleet of UFOs

Classic UFO


SEPTEMBER 9, 1999 (9/9/99)

Growing up my sister and I shared a bedroom and slept in bunkbeds. Our beds were against our window looking north over endless miles of fields. On clear nights we can see the closest town (20 miles) by the glow it gave off. That night we were laying in our beds, me on the top bunk, her on the bottom. We heard a loud bang, which wasn’t completely unheard of, we had diesel tanks in the barn lot that would expand when hot (that’s what our dad said anyway). So we looked out the window. When we looked up we noticed lights. A lot of lights. Not planes, because they were moving in lots of different directions, then would change directions on a dime. I would guestimate that there were roughly 30 of them. None of them very close to us, but bright enough that we could see them clearly. Then they slowly started disappearing until they were all gone. We kept looking out the window in total disbelief, then one last GIANT one flew overhead and they were gone. To be honest, I don’t know how long we stayed awake looking out of our window after that but we never talked about it after that. Coming from a very closeminded area we know we’d be made fun of. Now that I’ve started down my own spiritual awakening path over the last few years I went to my sister and asked her, “do you remember that night, on the 9th of September, back in 1999?” and she said “When we say the ufos?! Yes! I think about it all of the time”

Submitted by Cre8tiveOutlook