Surfer’s Paradise UFO

Classic UFO


2011 (APPROX.)

One of the greatest UFO sightings I’ve seen was a mass sighting. Right in the heart of Surfers Paradise I was walking into Peninsular Drive the intersection where across the road is Melbas. I had my head down looking at my phone listening to music about to cross the road to my friends place when I felt this rumbling vibration feeling on the ground, and this noise like low bass speakers at a festival I looked up and there was a TR3B craft. Low over the street light just sitting there, hovering still. This is when the high rise across the road only had pillars in the ground it hadn’t been built yet. I was staring at it trying to take in every detail as I wasn’t sure how long it would last. It was just sitting there, after quite a few minutes I realised I was on a busy street I pulled my attention down and looked around and most ppl had stopped phones out filming this craft. I thought about filming it but realised everyone else was so I wouldn’t need to so I spent my time taking it all in. I thought it would be online somewhere after for sure. I cannot find it anywhere. After a while it got boring, I didn’t want to go on it… so there was nothing to do but look at it. I left to my friends house to tell them about it. By the time they slowly got to the window to look I couldn’t see it from their apartment. It seemed it was gone.

Submitted by Danielle Y