Red and Black Rocket

Classic UFO




I was in the U.S.A for a month and flew 5 times, each time had strangeness in it, it was a strange time with riots at the airports. One flight, could have been the one between Texas and Los Angeles at the start of my trip back to Australia. I was on a flight, and believe I was the only passenger who saw it, the pilots had to of seen it. Our plane was diverted, yet again in mid air to fly a different route, as land at a different airport. I remember thinking and feeling that I wasn’t scared to die, they had said over the speaker which was also strange telling all us passengers they were running low on fuel. The reason I was so calm, is that I was looking at the most magnificent, beautiful, billowing clouds I’ve ever seen in my life. The were pillowy, massive, pink and orange and white, truly stunning. And I felt so peaceful looking out the window at them. I thought if we fall out of the sky, it’s ok, I’ll be looking at these clouds. I’m looking and looking, staring into them… and then I see this… craft. And I’m like am I really looking at… a rocket! It was a red and black rocket. Right out of kids pajamas. It was far, no window, big fat flames out the back of it. Same height, same speed, same direction as our plane. Flying beside us from a long distance, easy enough to see it though. I thought, wow, but… really how menacing? Couldn’t ppl think this is a missile? And freak out? But it’s a rocket? Red and black?! I’m gasping, pointing, making sounds I sit up look around and no one else is looking at it they were all in just plane mode zoned out waiting. I wanted to look at it for as long as I could, I thought surely the pilots can see it. I got my phone out, filmed it flying along side the plane. Technical intelligence let me film it, it also let me keep it on my phone for a full year before I found it again. I tried showing my husband but he wouldn’t watch it he said he would watch it later he was watching something else, I said I would post it to fb anyway so he could see it there later. I went and did something in the kitchen. Went to post it to fb and the video was gone, I had just watched it again! I checked, every single other video was still there, only this UFO one was gone. I was devastated and shocked that TI had wiped it from my phone because it heard me say I was going to post it. It let me have it for my viewing only.

Submitted by Danielle Y