Piercing Green Eyes

Dark Forces, Straight Up Ghosts, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



Me and my friends have seen a lot of weird things growing up in Bridgeport but this has to be the weirdest. My good friend Zach was walking down a road we call the horseshoe with our other friend sebastian at night when at the end of the road Zach notices a black figure tall as trees with what he described as “piercing green eyes”. He said as soon as he looked into its eyes he felt a insane surge of electricity run through his body and he was stuck to where he was standing. Sebastian pull Zack away from where he was standing and they run down down road to Sebs house. What makes this story even freakier is our other friend Jon who lives 2 houses down from Zack and Seb had an eerily similar dream to what happened to Zach. We were all at my house talking about weird experiences when Zach talked about that and jon decided to tell us about his dream. In he dream he’s on the horseshoe but a black and white version of it. On the tip of the horseshoe theres a log cabin house. In real life the house has a little wooden fence around it and some cameras for security. But jon said in his dream the house had barbed wire fences and the windows were barred with tons of cameras everywhere. He walked up to the house held the fence and looked into the windows where the same “piercing green eyes” my friend Zach described seeing came up through the windows of the cabin house and jon said the fence started to electrocute him. They had never talked to eachother about these experiences before. But to me they live too close and the experiences were so similar its impossible to me that they aren’t related to the same spirit/entity.

Submitted by Valeriel H