Multiple Weird Happenings

Cryptoids, High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places


2018 – ONGOING

This whole area is above a granite cavern system that’s closed off to the public, and a creek runs through a mile away. This general spot is definitely a thin area/portal zone, but activity is generally quiet as it’s in the heart of a suburb. We have been living here for 12 years, with poltergeist activity in the home off and on. Classic stuff, like vanishing objects that reappear in strange places, shadow people, objects falling off shelves impossibly, cold spots, scratches, footsteps, bed shaking, etc. I’ve also seen weird glowing orbs, and a sentient mist ball, as has my whole family. Even my mother, a staunch atheist, has become a believer in the supernatural. If you walk on a wooded trail in the neighborhood after sundown, the whole vibe changes. It’s not so much dark as it is…not fond of humans. At all times of the day, you feel watched, and often hear distinct bipedal footsteps following you, only to turn around and have NOBODY remotely nearby. Family members and neighbors have mentioned the same thing, all independently, without being pressed first. After sundown, things get weird. I and 2 others witnessed people vanish right in front of our eyes. We were walking our dog early in the evening, when we see a man standing under a tree just off the sidewalk, in the dark, across the street, which is already sketchy. He calls out to us and says “Evenin’, how’s it going?”, and before we can answer, a car drives past in the opposite lane (so, near to us), and when it’s gone (like literally 1 second later) he is GONE. We even went to investigate the tree and area right away, and he was NOWHERE. This has happened multiple times since. Another evening, I think I may have been attacked by some unseen force. I was walking the dog, when suddenly she goes APE, I’m talking hair raised, snarling, at some unseen person in front of me. She’s the sweetest dog, so this was very out of character. Suddenly, without warning, I get this weird sort of static energy kind of rain on me from the stop of my head, and then a second later, what I can only describe as an ice-cold bolt of electricity zap me from the top of my head straight through me and down my spine. I was then paralyzed for about 3 seconds, and the pain was intense. The dog was absolutely losing it. Then, as suddenly as it came, it was gone, and I was suddenly sapped of all my energy. It just drained all of it from me and I was beyond lethargic for days after. My father also swears up and down he saw a Dover Demon/Rake type of figure. He’s a very serious and quiet man and he would never lie about this kind of thing. He was walking the dog, and suddenly, he sees what he described as a water ripple, except in the air. Suddenly this emaciated, gangly-limbed, pale being runs at inhuman speed across a parking lot near the neighborhood pool, only to vanish into a wooded area. He said that whenever he tried to focus on it, it would blur. The dog also saw it, snarling and barking aggressively and pulling at her leash, following it with her nose and eyes. There’s other stories I’m sure I’m forgetting over the years, but those are the big ones. Definitely a thin area!

Submitted by Tamara