Jennings Lodge

High Weirdness


NOVEMBER 10, 2020

I have lived in an unincorporated area called Jennings lodge for around 11 years now and I have begun to believe that it’s the twilight zone. The amount of strange things that happen here is incredible and unsettling, I wish I could tell all my stories. But today I will tell you a more recent one. It happened at Jennings lodge elementary school a few months ago. If you walk along the side of the school it takes you around the back where there is a parking lot and access to the school’s playground. Running parallel to that path along the school there is a road, besides the chain link fence there is just bushes and such creating a barrier between them. I often spend time at that school because it makes me feel strange and melancholy and I like to take others there and see how the feel about it. I was sitting on the steps in front of the school with a friend at around 9:30pm when a black SUV pulled into the parking lot and took the path along the school to pull around to the back. It was a little strange but seemingly nothing to worry about. But then my friend and I heard what sounded like someone screaming for help from behind the school and we became worried. The school is somewhat shaped like a U with an open space in the back between the structures of the school. We thought we should walk down the road that ran parallel to the school to look and make sure nothing bad was happening and because we had a full view of the back of the school from that road, besides what is in the center of that U. So, we walked along the side of the school, still hearing what sounded like an adult man calling for help. But as we walked along, we realized we could not see the car. Immediately we assumed that they had pulled into that blind spot and that scared us. If they were doing something bad, they pulled back there with intention, knowing they were out of view. So we thought screw it, we will walk into the school yard to get a better view and know if we need to call the police. But when we did, the car was nowhere to be found. There was no way out through the back of the school, and as we had a clear view of the side the whole time, we would have seen the car leave. But it just vanished. The sound of the man yelling stopped shortly after we stepped into the field to look at the car as well. It was overall strange and left us with an awful feeling in the out of our stomachs. A lot of strange things like that happen around here. Maybe I will make more of these.

Submitted by Alissa