Gold Coast UFO

Classic UFO



A few weeks before the Commonwealth Games came to the Gold Coast, I was out on an afternoon walk coming back down our street towards our home. I was thinking about the hunger games movies, and I see this.. “bird” from a long distance ascending quite high up in the air. It seemed strange, it had caught my eye, something told me to keep looking at it. As I did it started descending, and coming back down towards the end of the street, as I got closer I realised it wasn’t a bird, it was flipping, from one side to another over and over again. As I got closer to our house it was coming back down over our street towards me. I could see it was a diamond or square shape craft on its diagonal. When it was on it side it looked like a rectangle length ways, when it was on its side a square on its diagonal. It felt like a beacon honing in on me, I was then trying to defer my attention away from it so it would stop coming towards me. It felt like it was monitoring something. As I took my attention away from it it changed direction to over our house away from me and started ascending again. I got my phone camera on and started filming. I uploaded the video to fb. It shows me pointing to it, it had cloaked itself from my camera however I could see it with the naked eye. After I uploaded it ppl started messaging me they couldn’t see the craft I saw, but they found other UFO’s in the photos and video that I couldn’t see with the naked eye that were underneath it. I asked my Mum if she saw it when I got back as she was outside but was sitting under the umbrella having a smoke, so she wasn’t even looking up, otherwise she wouldn’t have seen it go over our house.

Submitted by Danielle Y