Dark Country Road

Cryptoids, Dark Forces


MARCH 3, 2021

This particular place is a spot my friends and I like to park at. We usually just pull off to the side of the road into an entry way of a field. This spot is perfect for stargazing because not only is it extremely dark, but it is extremely rural. Out of the many times my friends and I have pulled off the road and sat there, there has only been one instance where a car has driven by, so a very secluded place. There are a couple of house down there but the spot is out of sight from them. This one instance where we saw something, my partner and I decided to go there to stargaze. We were having a nice time, playing music while the car was off, the sunroof window was open. Maybe an hour into stargazing, my partner decided to stick his out of the window (idk why lol). He looked behind our car and about 6-10ft. away from my car was a thing. He described as about the size of a big black wolf with its head to the ground. He said when he first saw it, it was standing still but began to slowly move across the road. He said it was too big for a coyote or dog. My partner is not one to make stuff up nor is afraid of many things because of being a bigger sized man. We turned on the car and got out of there as soon as we could…. We do not plan to go back to that spot ever again because of how scary it was.

Submitted by Christina