Capitol Hill Books

Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places


MAY 2, 2019

I go to a school in the area and as part of my french class, we walked around the neighborhood talking about it in french. My class stopped in this book store and walked around looking at the french section and stuff. The building is an old townhouse converted into a bookstore and is filled wall to wall with books, no renovations were done so there was still a sink and oven in the kitchen area but it was filled with books. I and my small class of only 5 people walked around the store’s basement and the main floor before heading upstairs, once we were up we ran into two men leaving the room in the back with weird machines in their hands. I now believe it was probably a K2 meter but I’m not truly sure. We decided to head to the back because we were curious as to what they were doing and the second we stepped into the room you could feel a change, a chill, I’m not sure how to describe it. The whole room felt off and gave all of us a bad vibe, it almost felt like we were on a slope, like the room was tilting. we took a video (now lost) of the floor to see if it was truly sloped but it wasn’t which scared us all so we left. The next time I went it was with one of my more spiritually aware friends who upon reaching the room ran out of the store and said they couldn’t stay in there because the energy was so off. In the end, I still visit occasionally so browse their amazing selection of books but I never go into the backroom no matter how tempting it is.

Submitted by Theo