Sumner City Park

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts



All of my friends and I were walking down the local city parks trail. One of our friends decided to run off just because. As we were walking back to the main part of the park we decided to try and find our friend, it’s dusk. We thought she was in the wooded area along the trail, but didn’t feel like venturing of the trail so we decided to try and make her laugh. My friend and I started to say funny things and we both eventually heard a small laugh. The thing is only the 2 of us heard it. After she didn’t come out of the woods we decided to keep walking. As we came to the end of the trail we saw our friend just chilling on the playset. We asked if she was in the woods and she said no. Even if she was, she couldn’t have gotten from those parts of the woods to the playset without us hearing or seeing her. My friend and I don’t know what we heard in the woods, but we know it wasn’t our friend.

Submitted by Some Guy