Milepost Time Slip

High Weirdness, Time Distortions



I ride between Sandy and Government Camp for work. The first several times I rode the bus after beginning to work in the area, I had heard that there was a stretch of restaurants and a nail salon in Welches. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get Google Maps to show me while traveling where these places were. There are times where I’ll look out the window of the bus, looking for the lights that the little business center has on the green space/shrubbery in front of the building, and they weren’t there. Clear nights, or even lightly rainy and it wasn’t an issue. When the weather turns sour (low hanging clouds, thick fog, or heavy rain), it’s almost like these places are easier to find. Highway 26 between Welches and Sandy seems to have time variations depending on the weather, and some nights it feels like my commute takes longer in certain spots than others. Traveling east bound, I haven’t had the same experience, despite similar or identical weather conditions or times of the day. Only west-bound on Highway 26…

Submitted by woolnthorn