Kissimmee Cryptid

Cryptoids, Strange Animals




One night my sisters and i were driving home from universal studios Orlando. We went to drop a friend home and it was about 3AM. There were no cars on the back road we were taking. One side of the rode was a neighborhood so houses were lined all the way down and the other side of the rode was just the woods. As we are driving i see something scurrying across the street. And i slowed because i thought it was a dog or something but I couldn’t see the full body all i saw was legs. Everyone was asleep in the car but me and my friend. I quickly asked her if she can see what I’m seeing and we started getting scared because we didn’t know what it was almost the size of a human! I tried turning on my high beams and still couldn’t see the full body. But i did notice the creature was now standing on two legs instead of four And just looking at us. When i slowed down to try to see what it was all i saw was eyes glowing. I sped up and turned the corner into the neighborhood after that.

Submitted by K