Mason-Dixon Mystery

High Weirdness, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


NOVEMBER 20, 2020

I was driving with my husband to Branson, MO from Arkansas. It was foggy, and dusk. I was driving the speed limit, which was 65 at the time and I just immediately slam on the brakes startling my husband in the passenger seat. He asked what was wrong and I just sat there in shock because what I had just seen was not there. I had saw two giant red lights about the size of a stop sign each hovering on the side of the road and a giant white semi truck trailer box thing (kinda like a shipping crate) hovering in the air above the road like it was on a semi I couldn’t see but it was horizontal in the road covering both of the lanes on the highway. I slammed on my brakes because I thought we were going to die. After I told my husband this, he said he saw dim red lights move into the woods on the side of the road after he looked up when I stopped, but he was looking at his phone so he didn’t see anything else…

Submitted by Bria Bubbles