Zuni Native Reservation

Visions, Dreams, Etc.




I was around 14 years old (2018 or so) and my father drove my family to the Native Zuni Reservation for his friend’s son’s graduation. (I can’t recall exactly where it was) Anyways, I was excited to go because I had never been to a reservation even though I have Native family. As we were driving through plains and mountains, I was staring out the window listening to music. Then suddenly, I saw faces engraved in the mountains: faces of animals and people. I thought someone had done artwork in the mountain (like Mt. Rushmore). Surprised no one else was impressed by this artwork, I pointed it out to my family saying, “Look at the artwork! Isn’t it cool…?” My family looked and saw nothing. They looked around suspiciously at one another. I started sounding weird saying, “You don’t see that? IT’S RIGHT THERE.” They still never saw anything in the mountains.

Submitted by A.D.