Unhuman Figure At Molas Lake Campground

Cryptoids, High Weirdness, Strange Animals


JUNE 22, 2005

When I was in middle school, my parents took my brothers and I on a road trip from Florida to Colorado to go camping for a couple weeks. The last stop on our trip was to a campground in the middle of nowhere. We got there at dusk and I remember having a weird feeling about it because it just felt so far away from everything. The first campsite we looked at was up on a hill above all the others. It was grassy and very open. We all got an eerie vibe while checking it out so we decided to set up camp at a campsite below the same hill. One night, after we ate dinner, everyone except my dad went to bed (in a tent). He wanted to sit by the fire and have one more beer. He got a feeling that someone was watching him. He looked up at the hill above, and a large, unhuman figure was staring down at him. He says they definitely both noticed each other, and the figure then walked away in the other direction to the campsite we first looked at. The way it walked was not human. After that, my dad quickly got in the tent feeling terrified since the only weapon he had was a pocket knife. He didn’t tell my mom about his experience until morning, and I didn’t know about it until years later because he didn’t want to scare my brothers and I from going camping again. I get chills every time I talk or write about this. My dad is a very literal and practical person, so I know this is a genuine experience.

Submitted by SavHaney