A White Cloaked Figure

Straight Up Ghosts


2007 (APPROX.)

I have no idea where to even begin with this. I was a child (about 9) when my family moved to this town from Victoria. This is the first house we lived in at the town – seemed fairly new. The most strange and absurd happenings went on here – which lead to the eventual separation of my parents & following death of my father. I digress. One night, in my lounge room while I was doing homework alone – a white, cloaked/hooded figure was staring at me from behind the couch in the opposite side of the room. (This memory gives me chills to recall – my eyes water it was so terrifying) it looked like what you would picture a satanic robe, though it was all white and there were no visible human features ie: face, hands etc but the arms were held up in front (not reaching out but holding their hands up) with limp wrists & when I turned to face it, it turned away from me as if it had gotten caught – and just vanished but it was almost like it faded out when it vanished. I sprinted out to my mum who said I wasn’t breathing properly, in shock, couldn’t speak & was extremely pale & hot. The same house: – my mum broke her leg in two places, leaving her with complications ever since and subsequently nearly having the foot amputated. – our kitten got stepped on by the little girl next door and it was hemorrhaging from all orifices. – my younger sister & I shared a bedroom where I could NEVER sleep from fear; I could feel something in my room when everyone else was in bed and asleep, staring at me. Watching me. I would protect myself as best I could with my teddies but I could never move because I was so afraid. I could feel it watching me & would see it sometimes. A shadow person. – my mum heard a child laughing & crying while she was napping & when she ignored it something slapped her on the legs – my older sister got pushed out of her bed after she heard what she claims to be one of us crying but when she came to check on us we were all asleep. I’m sure there was a LOT more strange happenings in the short period we lived there. It was less than a year and we all experienced something beyond explicable.

Submitted by PhebeD