Donut UFO

Classic UFO


SEPTEMBER 4 or 5, 2020 


This last summer I was coming home and as I pulled in to park my car I look right above infront of me and saw an almost donut looking shape object rotating in the sky. It was shiny and flying in a way it looks like it was floating and I could see the energetic field around it. I pulled out my phone and managed to take a crappy video on snapchat but a fire started on the mountain 3 hours later. 2 days after in the middle of summer it magically snows just over that spot where 250 homes were burned on the mountain. They also reported it started from a lightening storm… there was never a storm and it never even rained so there is no way. No coincidences. Then a week later I flew to salt lake and saw the U on fire, I knew what it was.

Submitted by Madison