Mythologies, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



We have been living in this house for about 9 months, and this began about a month ago. The backyard had a beautiful rosemary bush when we moved in, so I decided to start using some for personal reasons. About a week after I begin using the rosemary in my home, I experienced a dream visitation of a woman standing in a pillar of light, and the name “PERSEPHONE” rang in my head. My chest tightened and I began hyperventilating because I was terrified, so thankfully I woke up quickly. I knew nothing of the Goddess Persephone before, so this was unsettling to say the least. A few days later, I discovered I was pregnant, but I really wasn’t ready for another baby. This is about 2-3 years into my spiritual journey, and I am not new to manifesting, so I decided to try something. I laid down at night, and told myself over and over that I am not pregnant, I didn’t talk about it, I didn’t google it; I just pretended that everything was normal. I did this for several days in a row, and one day after a walk in the park, I begin miscarrying. A couple of days after this began, I went to walk my dog but I decided to allow spirit to lead me to any sign for explanation. I follow my dog who begins walking in the opposite direction of our normal route, to the cemetery down the street. There, I feel the urge to sit beneath the tree near the entrance. I sit for a while and observe my surroundings, looking for anything that calls to me. Just as I start to become discouraged, I decide to walk further into the cemetery. As I get further down the gravel path, I glance down and see small a bird bath statue that looks exactly like a bird bath statue I found at the thrift store a few days prior, both of them having two little birds perched on the edges of the bowl. (The bird bath I found at the thrift store happened to fall out of my cart as I was walking to my car, and obviously broke.) I suddenly feel a rush of energy as I notice the section of the cemetery I am now in. All I see in front of me are little gravestones in front of little graves. I’m sobbing, confused, and now it’s starting to rain…this is great. I turn back down the gravel path, but I make a final stop at the tree before I leave. I sit and allow the energy to flow through me, and just as I get up, I see a little gravestone with “INFANT” engraved across the top, but the rest of the engravings unreadable. I saw this and went straight home. A few more encounters happened between then and now, but it was only yesterday that I learned that Persephone is the goddess of Rosemary, among other other things.

Submitted by Rachel