Mysterious “Tree” Creature




My girlfriend and I went on a hike on the wadhams to Avoca trail in Saint Clair County, just outside of Avoca last year approximately May or maybe June. It was an overcast day. Approximately 3pm. We got to a part on the trail where to our immediate East there’s an opening in a very wooded area approximately 100 yards wide. We had walked this trail before many times but on this day there was a tall broken ” tree” right in the middle of the clearing. We both saw it and froze it seemed as if it were staring at us. The feeling of being watched was palpable. I stared at it very intently for several minutes and it seemed to both of us that it was swaying ever so slightly back and forth. The object or creature was at least 150 yards away so no clear features could be made out but it was a rusty brown color. My girlfriend ever the skeptic insisted that it was a tree I did not think so and pointed out that we had never noticed a tree there before. We continued our walk but it really freaked us out for some inexplicable reason which were it a just a tree would not have been the case. On the way back this thing was still there right out in the open. I wanted to get closer to it but something in the pit of my stomach told me that this was a bad idea and it still seemed to be very aware of us specifically. So several days later I could not shake this image and wondering what it was driving us both nuts we went back and this time nothing was there. Not a thing. I walked into the clearing and got right up to where this would have been standing and there was no stump no nothing. The tall grass was slightly matted down and the size of this thing was massive. At least 8 feet tall

Submitted by Z