Lucky Randonaut Excursion




During covid me and my boyfriend decided to try Randonautica and walked to the nearest ‘Void’ which was by this church. We set our intention before which was to find something historical. We walked into the forest and came across this huge chalk pit filled with overgrown bushes and trees. As soon as we stepped inside we felt the energy change, the wind suddenly picked up but we decided to walk further down and cambered down the steep chalk walls. The Randonautica point took us through some bushes, two tawny owls hooted and flew over our heads (this was day time BTW) it felt like another world. We got to the point and looked around we couldn’t find anything obvious at first and we dug around lightly where we stood. My boyfriend went further ahead and found a porcelain pot with some charcoal inside probably some sort of spell… As I was sat down I noticed something poking out the ground! I pulled it thinking it was just a stick but I soon realised it was something bigger! A massive bone! We freaked the hell out thinking it was human! Took photos and ran home to ask his mum who’s a nurse. She confirmed it wasn’t human and asked her sister who happens to be an archaeologist and she confirmed it was a mammoth rib!!! We ran back to get it! 🙂

Submitted by Steph