Highgate Lights

Classic UFO



My friends and I (about 6 of us) were sitting on my balcony at about 7-8pm on a Saturday. I’m on the 2nd floor and on a hill with a nice view across the city. We’re laughing and talking and I turn away from the view, and as I do the sky lights up behind me for about 2 sec. I can see the white blue light reflected on the glass door I just turned toward to go back inside. By the time I turn around, it’s gone. My friends were facing the view and said something lit up the sky and disappeared in an instant. We all still talk about it to this day, and can’t figure out what it could be. It was like a big lightning strike except it went across the whole sky and lasted longer. One friend has said he’s experienced these bright light flashes before… maybe it’s something linked to him.

Submitted by Georgia P