Dream Prophecy in Tampa

Visions, Dreams, Etc.


MARCH 13, 2020

I woke up with a blurry vision of a dream, I suddenly had a feeling I had been struck on the right side of my face, I was leaning against something and it was bright white all around. Two weeks later my friends boyfriend and her were fighting he was on many different substances and did not want her to leave, He took my belongings and went inside his house. It was my responsibility to get those things back. When he finally came out I screamed for my stuff and then decided to grab his bag and say I would take his stuff. I was pushed and feel backwards onto a shelf of plants and was punched on my right jaw twice. While being pinned down all I could focus on was the white fence behind me. I instantly remembered my dream. A few weeks later and I still woke up every day trapped by that thought. I now write all of my dreams down.

Submitted by Joelle