Childhood Home

Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts



This is my old childhood home! My first memory was made here. Of course, there’s the fabricated memories that make you think you remember being in the womb or some shit, but I know this happened, it has to have happened. I can’t recall what it was, whether it was a demon of some sort, a protective spirit, or just a strange entity, but I remember one night, after a day that I can’t recall, lying in bed. I was roughly 2-3, I didn’t move out of that bedroom until I was 5 or so. I’ve never really been very easily put into a state of fear, but this was definitely a time I felt it, but this wasnmt necessarily even terrifying, or scary, just strange. On the wall that night, when all the lights in the house were off, my parents were in their separate beds, and so was I. A light flickered on. I heard nothing. I could still hear them snoring away. What was that? I’m not sure, but something crept it. Or, in fact, it slid in. A shadow. It wasn’t human, didn’t look it, but didn’t look like a monster. You know that dumb corporate art style that companies use to seem friendly, but sometimes it’s just weird or annoying? It looked like that. I was disproportionate. It seemed as if it was trying to imitate a human, but it seemed so artificial. It’s hair was spiky, Bart Simpson type spiky, the kind of spiky you’d have to apply a fuck ton of hairspray to achieve. It was pure shadow against a dim light, a light that I knew didn’t exist for anyone else. When recalling it, all I remember is the creture itself. I don’t remember what I looked like, what had happened that day, what my room was like, it’s as if the thing took away my perception of what was going on. It was just us two. It never looked at me, or, at least I couldn’t tell if it did. I could see the shadow’s eyes, even if it was just a projected image on a wall, that has always confused me. To describe what it looked like, well, have you ever seen one of those staffs from a fantasy game, where it’ll have a floating orb on it? Nobody knows how it levitates. The eyes were like that, an empty hole with a shadow pupil, I’ve tried to imagine what it’d look like in flesh but something tells me it has never possessed such a form. My household had been in a narcissistic abusive state ever since I was born, but I never knew until around 7 years old. I was lied to for a very long time, but both my Mother and Father. Every memory I have of being under 10 in my household is bad. Or, maybe, the younger I am in the memory the worse it gets. It’s like the vibes are off. So incredibly off. They’re all so distorted. Some are in first person, some I only see one other, some I can’t picture, some I know happened but can’t prove. A part of me speculated whether that thing was a manifestation of what was going on between my parents, or maybe protection from something I was oblivious to. I was just a kid, I practically still am. It was something I experienced, was terrified by, but couldn’t prove. That’s exactly what happened to my mother. She went through so much, and was scarred. Worst of all, nobody believed her. I’m sure I didn’t initially. Well, I know this will find the right people, anybody is enough for me. Thank you for reading, I’ve been through a lot more paranormal events than this, but didn’t wish to give my current location away to do so. Have a nice day.

Submitted by RSM