Potato Mystery at the Library

High Weirdness


JANUARY 11, 2020

A local news website carried a story of confounded librarians who discovered rogue, cooked potatoes on the premises of the Wayland Free Public Library. Two separate potato incidents were reported on the 11th and 12th, with rumors of other out of place baked potatoes being discovered in nearby locales.
The story is reminiscent of the Mississippi Mashed Potato Mystery of 2019, where known persons (or entities) left bowls of mashed potatoes on private property such as cars and front steps.
The mysterious library potatoes got the attention of comedian Stephen Colbert, who joked on his show that this may represent an uprising of tubers, or even the involvement of Sasquatch.
Perhaps hikers from a nearby trail had carried the cooked spuds as a way of keeping their hands warm, or perhaps some other mundane explanation is at the source of the Potato Mystery. But maybe, just maybe, something much stranger is going on…

Submitted by AP Strange, Liminal Ambassador