Kuranda Doppelganger

High Weirdness, Thin Places


JUNE 9 2020, JULY 28 2020, DEC 9 2020.

I can’t share the exact location because of business privacy, but I have had three very strange experiences at my place of work.

My first experience takes place just as I had arrived to work that morning. I am in our little kitchen area fixing myself a cup of tea when my coworker walks by me. I see her. I know who she is. I greet her. No response. She opens the office door and walks out. I think she has either not heard me or she is having a bad morning. I ask one of my other coworkers what that might have been about. Turns out, the coworker I saw, called in and is working from home. The drive up the mountain range takes about 15-25 minutes depending on traffic.

My second experience takes place just after my partner drops me off at the local grocery store. I am making my way back to the office when I see another coworker sitting in her car talking on her cell phone. I know who she is. I see her face. I know what her car looks like. No mistake. She looks up, smiles, and waves at me. I smile and wave back. I walk into the office, make my way into the main room, and there my coworker is sitting at her desk having a coffee.

The third time this happens, I am not alone in my experience. My coworker and I are heading back inside the office when we see our other coworker’s wife walking towards the door. She is wearing a white dress with pink floral patterns. I open the door and hold it for her and my coworker and I greet her. We both see her. We both know who she is. She thanks us and makes her way down the walk and up the hill. The office only has one entrance and we’re on the second floor. We both make our way back into the main room…and there she is standing with her husband. Same woman. Same white dress with same pink floral patterns. We both look at each other. Her husband said she’d been there with him for the past twenty minutes.

I have many other stories of strange things I have seen while living in FNQ.

Submitted by JB