Antlered Entity



DECEMBER 22, 2020

The wooded areas of the small town Lake County area may have something dark lurking them… Was around 11:46 pm when I first saw the silhouette of something moving fast along the treeline, this is not bear or wolf country and the biggest thing it could’ve been would probably be a deer or coyote, and it distinctively stood on two legs at one point. I chalked it up to me being tired from it being somewhat late and the dark making my eyes play tricks, but then I saw it the second time at specifically 12:13 am. It was far enough away but whatever it was, it looked in my direction briefly and definitely had eye glow with the little light I wanted to give off that I did from being creeped out, and it most definitely had antlers which is part of what scared me when seeing it stand and move as fast as it did. It wasn’t a deer. I have seen plenty, and this was in the snow so I could see it very clearly as having a much different shape. The woods around here have terrified me at night ever since.

Submitted by Zero