Greater Northern Panhandle

Thin Places, Time Distortions


“Anomaly start date unknown or exceeds my lifespan in terms of monitoring capability of the origin”

(Report pertains to approximately 50 km in radius around central location.) As a base preface I would like to submit that the Appalachian region is dotted with severe magnetic anomalies and gravitational distortions. While this is partially attributable to the mountainous terrain, subsurface geology and mountaintop removal, paired with the recent trend of the last few decades to drill sideways to extract low density coal have left it without sufficient mass to justify the extra drag. Being isolated from major fault lines and generally insulated from underground aquifer shifts, this shouldn’t still register so highly on interferometers. The eccentricity of earths orbit is fairly stable and the change in shape during spin cycles does not produce significant momentum or mass drag upwards from the core. The atmosphere in the region is laden with heavy metals, making it easy to see things like HAARP style cloud scattering from things as low energy as emergency microwave cell towers (which are now on trucks driving randomly all over.) This sensitivity to electromagnetism causes partial anchoring to the ionosphere. As a result VLF and other slightly higher bands are able to bombard the areas with (primarily) solar loopback radiation a la “whistlers,” but on a larger scale. This has a direct correlation with suppressing latent psychic ability, REM sleep, Astral Projection (RV-remote viewing at the time) as well as the ability to have any kind of memorable dream state according to the DOD/DIA portion of the STARGATE training procedure at Berkley during the late 1980s or early 90’s.

Submitted by “Director Delta”