Thin Shadow

Cryptoids, Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts



Late at night in the summer, myself and 5 friends were sitting on the beach, facing the water. We each noticed, and followed with our gaze, a tall, thin, gliding shadow at the water’s edge, moving from right to left, at a pace a little faster than walking. Proportions were not human, or anything we could recognize. It didn’t have a gait, it was clearly not a silhouette of something in the distance, or a shadow of anything. We all watched in silence until we couldn’t see it anymore. One of us asked if we all saw it. Another friend said “it was an alien”, as a way to kind of blow it off and move on. I only ever talked about it again with one of them, and there was not much else to say. I have thought about it rationally and skeptically for years since. There is no explanation that I can think of.

Submitted by Cynthia