“Melting” Drum Set

Straight Up Ghosts


DECEMBER 1, 2018

My band used to have a jam room at this location. We had finished a practice one night around 10 PM and the drummer took a pic of his drum set so that he could remember the position of some of his cymbals on his kit. The top of the photo is normal, but the bottom appears to be digitally distorted and makes the bass drum look like it’s melting. None of us who were there at the time detected anything unusual aside from the photo itself (no temperature drop, weird noises, etc). The photo was later shown to a medium who said, without hesitation, that the distortion was caused by the spirits of a girl and her dog as they were walking in between the drummer and his set. I saved the photo as a GIF which caused a loss of resolution, but revealed more of an outline of a human figure on the left and the head of a dog on the right? Strange…I guess they liked the music…or perhaps that we had stopped playing. lol

Submitted by Zig