Frankie’s Pizza UFO

Classic UFO


JULY 11, 2019

I was delivering pizzas for Frankie’s at the time. It was a slow night, about ten past 10pm, and I was sitting out back waiting for a delivery smoking a cigarette. I was tracing satellites which I like to do late at night when the sky is clear. The sky was really clear that night and even though Crystal is pretty close to the Twin Cities, you can see a lot of stars out there late at night. Not as many as in the country. One satellite I was tracing suddenly stopped on a dime in close proximity to a bright star. There was a bright flash like a camera flash around the UFO – then I swear to god, some kind of blue-ish light like a pilot light from an oven or a hot candle flame emanated from the star toward the satellite-that-wasn’t-a-satellite. The tip of the flame pointing toward the UFO. This would have to be impossible, there’s no way an object in our atmosphere could interact with a star like that. This whole flame situation went on for maybe 5 – 10 seconds and then there was another white flash just like the first one, and the UFO took off from where it had stopped. It curved about 90 degrees, zipped away, and disappeared. The whole experience lasted about 30 seconds, I then pulled out my phone and wrote it all down (including date and time), and ran inside the kitchen to tell the cooks what I had seen. Nobody believed me.

Submitted by aettic