“A Poltergeist Broke My Bong”

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts


JULY 13, 2014

Living in the same place as my last entry, 6 months later. At Lochsa Lodge, there has always been stories of the ‘Nez Perce Curse,’ that the deceased monarch always mentioned but her family never really believed in it. There are plenty of stories from other employees but this happened to me on July 13 2014. I woke up at 3 am(sound familiar?) to a wave of energy going through my shitty single wide trailer. There were two door on the same side of the house. The front door opened in and the door closest to my room at the back of the place had a small shit door that opened out. The door that opened out had two large wood rounds stacked against it so my cat can get in through the small window on the door. We never used that door…there was wilderness outside and no steps except the rounds. I wasn’t scared when I woke up, just knew something was happening…after getting my shit together enough to wake up and take a look I found a mirror that had been set on a desk, leaning against the wall, had been flipped completely over. i could understand if the mirror had slipped off the desk but that was not the evidence. The mirror was facing the wall upside down when I found it. This is only two feet from the bottom of my bed in a tiny, shitty place. NOTHING had been knocked off the desk…if the mirror had slipped from the bottom, everything would have been on the floor. Instead the mirror is flipped and on the ground. Upon further inspection, the door closest to my room, that opens to the outside and has the two large tree rounds propped against it, is wide open. There’s a tiny narrow hallway that leads to a living room and kitchen area. I had a coffee table with a glass top where I had set my bong. The front door that opens in was open and the bong was sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Smack dab in the middle. Following the water trail it looked as if the bong fell over on the coffee table and then s l o w l y rolled into the kitchen. I believe this because of the amount of water that had left a trail. Prominent pool on the coffee table and then a trail directly to where it rest. The stem was broken and that was all. That’s it! A poltergeist broke my bong. No explanation. Had have witnesses for both my experiences at Lochsa Lodge.

Submitted by Kristin H