Weird Sky Fireball

Classic UFO, High Weirdness


JULY 1, 2005

I lived in Fairbanks/Fort Wainwright, Alaska from 2004 to 2006 (ages 14-16). This story would have taken place during the summer of 2005. I am unsure of the day/month or exact time of day other than that it was early afternoon. I left my home and began walking to my friend’s house which was approximately a 4 minute walk. About half way there I looked up into the cloudless sky and noticed a giant fireball—No, not the sun. This fireball was however, comparable in size to the sun. It was like a flaming ball of fire hurdling toward the earth only it wasn’t moving and the flames were not flickering or otherwise moving. I knew immediately that I should find someone else to observe this with me to either confirm I was crazy or corroborate my story. As no one else was on the street at the time I ran the rest of the way to my friend’s house to get him to come see this weird “event”. When I got to his place he simply wouldn’t listen to me and just kept droning on about nothing and puttering around his room “getting ready”, as our plan had been to go skateboarding. I begged him to come outside for just a moment with me but it was like he wasn’t hearing me at all—just talking at me. Eventually he came outside with me but in his own time and not to look at the sky but to follow through with our original plan of going skateboarding. When we left the house I looked up and this fireball was just gone and we went about our day as if nothing happened. I think I put it out of my mind because of the disappointment of being the only one to see it and the frustration of my friend not listening to me. I would remember it infrequently over the years and wish I could understand more. Now, the technical details I do have are:
En route to my friend’s house I was going directly west and this “object” was at my twelve o’clock. Around this time of day, during the summer months in Alaska, the sun would’ve been south/south east at approximately my eight o’clock. The “object” wasn’t moving or emitting sound and no one else was outside within eyesight. To my knowledge, no such event was seen by anyone else.

Submitted by Phil L