Slow-moving Star

Classic UFO


JUNE 1, 2016

My sighting took place in the summer of 2016. I was working a retail job at a casino in Connecticut and on this particular night we worked late to receive a shipment. I got off work around 1 am, grabbed some food at a nearby drive-thru and headed home. At the time I lived in a village called Stonington Borough on a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic. As I got to my neighborhood I felt too wired to just go home, eat and go to bed. So, I decided to drive straight to the beach (Stonington Point), and eat my food under the stars. As I lay on the hood of my car, eating and staring at the sky, my attention was drawn to a particular “star”. It looked like any other star in the sky only it was bigger than all the rest—not by much, but to a noticeable degree. This star was also brighter than all the others, again, not by much but it was obvious. Just a bright, white dot in the sky. The light that was emitted was constant; it didn’t pulsate or change shape/size nor were there any defining features or colors other than white. It appeared from my vantage point to be incredibly high up and far away. This “star” then began to move about the night sky in a slow but erratic manner. It was like watching an insect crawl around on a window. It moved in circles, spirals and squiggly lines. It’s speed was slow but wavering. As it performed these nonsensical maneuvers it would speed up and slow down in kind of a jerky manner like a car that’s about to stall, only it never quite does. I sat and observed this object for about half an hour before leaving; I felt like I’d observed all that this object was going to do and there was no way I could film it on my phone. There were other people at the beach but they were socializing, not observing the sky, and It’s not as if this event was particularly attention-grabbing. It felt rather like it was just for me to see.

Submitted by Phil L