La Joux Verte

Dark Forces, Straight Up Ghosts


SEPTEMBER 18, 2020

I went here some times ago, as a school travel. That house is pretty isolated from everything and I slept there. Since my first step inside, I felt observed by something like if it was lurking in corner, one evening, I successfully captured the thing on a camera. I wasn’t alone feeling bad, the driver of the bus who brought us here also said he heard and saw shadows in the fortress surrounding the place.
What have I saw? Ghost or demon, i can’t really decide, it has a strange face with bulging eyes reminding me the Chinese demon masks., and a mouth not that visible, maybe sewn. About the events in themselves, I will call them weird coincidence: We had a caterer for the meal of the evening, and that person was silent, and not really understanding what we say, in addition of that, having the exorcism theme as ringtone. I took some picture around the building, and on some I discovered eyes, like drawn on the walls. At the upper floor, I saw the strange ghost figure again but the capture isn’t that good, because of it lurking in the shadows of the bottom of the picture.

I experienced some power cut and hearing footsteps that seemed to come from around but in same time nowhere. But this is a old building, and maybe it is the work of the wood planks.

Submitted by Darki