“Glitch In The Matrix?”

High Weirdness


FEBRUARY 28, 2019

This story is rather benign but just weird enough that it has remained in the back of my head and comes up from time to time in my thoughts and in conversation. In February/March of 2019 I was visiting a friend in Burlington, VT. My friend had a typical 9-5, Monday through Friday job, so during my month-long stay I spent my weekdays wandering around downtown Burlington. I frequented the local coffee shops, visited book stores and boutiques, took in the sights and caught a few movies at the local theater. One day while returning from one of my walkabouts I made my way down the sidewalk leading towards my friend’s apartment while looking down at my phone. I suddenly realized that I had walked right past the apartment; I stopped in my tracks, looked up and made a 180. The exact moment I turned around I saw a young woman about thirty feet behind me and a young man slightly further away on the sidewalk across the street. In that moment they both too looked up with confusion (apparently taking no note of me), made an about-face and went on in the same direction I was about to go. It’s as if, at that same second, we all experienced the exact same thing. Perhaps it was a coincidence, maybe it was a synchronicity or even a “glitch in the matrix”. Regardless, what are the odds?

Submitted by Phil L