Toy Robot Apparition

Visions, Dreams, Etc.


FALL 2004

Was staying the night with family, sleeping on a mattress on the floor by myself in the kids’ room. The kids were staying with their dad that weekend, so they weren’t in the house. As I closed my eyes to sleep, I saw what looked like a toy robot take a few steps forward then fall into the floor. Toy robot is the best I can do to describe it: I heard crude, mechanical toy-robot noises, saw two red lights like toy-robot eyes, and the way the lights moved made me think of clunky, robotic steps. The room was pitch black, too dark to see if it actually was a toy robot. The next morning there was no such toy in the room. I asked my step-mom if the kids had a toy like that, and she said they didn’t.

Submitted by Stevie