Tiny Music of the Huldufólk

High Weirdness


JUNE 16, 2015

My now wife and I had just been married in Iceland. We decided to tool around the country for a few days. Using a popular app, we had booked a beautiful cabin in between 2 volcanos. We were gone everyday from 4 am to 12 am and we stayed there for 2 days. Iceland is known for being a place to encounter Huldufólk or as we call them, elves. Each night as I would lay my head down to go to sleep I would hear soft music, kind of like the kind you would hear at a renaissance fair or very folky with harps and other string instruments. I would pop my head up to see what it was and I wouldn’t be able to hear it. I would lay my head back down and I would hear it again. I didn’t tell my wife at the time because she tends to get a little scared of something that could be paranormal. Knowing some about fae folk and faerie lore, I knew not to go looking outside for it. I just decided to go to sleep. The next night it happened again. I paid more attention this time even opening the door to the cabin just to take a peek to see if anything was out there. It seemed to play just in that liminal time between awake and drifting off. I could hear it better this night but only in that liminal space. The next morning, we packed up and we headed back on the road to our next destination. As is usual whenever something paranormal happens to us, I decided to bring it up after the fact so she wouldn’t have been scared. I got out, “Hey..” when she stopped me and asked, “Did you hear tiny music at night while we were there in the cabin?” She had heard it too. My jaw hit my steering wheel and we talked about it all the way back to Reykjavik.

Submitted by Christopher