Potent Crows

Strange Animals



Whilst doing some research into local mythology and local tales connected to important historical events, myself and my collaborator on the project followed part of the route of the old Offa’s/Wat’s Dyke which some say dates back to 6BC.

Whilst driving up a small country lane and talking about some of the events that may have taken place there, we became aware of a large number of crows circling above the car and following us as we drove. The noise was incredible and as we reached the site upon which we wanted to take some pictures, this group of crows joined a much larger flock in the field we were headed to. They were everywhere – in the trees, in the field, in the sky. We knew at the time that it felt particularly ‘potent’ and it became even more so when researching in the library the next day.

We came across a quote hidden inside a local history book about the battles between the English and the Welsh in this county, written by a the bard Cynndelw. This quote depicted ‘the dead riding on a thousand crows.’

Submitted by liminalitycymru