The Globe Bed and Breakfast

Straight Up Ghosts, Time Distortions



It was 1998 and I had a job at a local bed and breakfast meeting schduled guests and walk-ins. The building is gorgeous and was built circa 1848 as an Inn. I was sitting on the couch and from there I could look through the dining room to the foyer, I looked over and saw a man standing in the foyer dressed in a brown suit with a long orange beard. He was tall and thin and looked out of time. (He looked liked a hipster but hipsters werent invented yet!) I got up to welcome him but by the time i walked from the couch to foyer – like 6 metres, he was gone. It was particulaly weird because i hadn’t heard him come in and i didnt hear him leave. The front doors were very old and very heavy and made a lot of noise. I checked out the backdoor and upstairs and in every room but he had vanished!

Submitted by Sarsquarah