LeRoy, Is That You?

Straight Up Ghosts



My x husband had died in a motorcycle wreck. I had seen him three days before and we had told each other we still loved each other but that it wouldn’t work. We had remand close but had different lives. About a month after he had passed, I was working at the mill when out of the corner of my eye I saw my x husband down the shipping area. I said, LeRoy is that you? The answer came back in my head, Yes. I asked, what are you doing here? He said he was lonely and wanted me to come with him. I told him that I couldn’t because it wasn’t my time. He said ok and then left. I thought OK I am making this up. A couple of weeks later I went to see a friend who said she has ESP. As I was driving there, I felt like LeRoy was riding with me. I had gone 20 miles like that till I came to a town that we use to live in. The street that we would of turned off on to go to our house was where he left. He had not said any thing to me but was just riding along.. When I got to my girlfriends house and went in, she said, coffee is ready and I will meet you there in the dinning room. I am folding the last of my laundry. As I was fixing my coffee. She said, you had company on the way here, I said WHAT? She said, LeRoy rode with you. I said Yes he did. Then I knew It was not in my mind. LeRoy came back one more time to the house I lived in. I could feel him standing by me. I said Hi LeRoy, what do you want? He said, I’m leaving now and wanted to say goodby. I said Good by LeRoy and have a good trip. That was the last I have seen or felt him.

Submitted by Susan F